Potent Agents 5R’s


Ask the question, “Why are we purchasing this item?” or, “Why do we need this?”


Sometimes as a consumer, we just should say no! By making better choices, learning how to shop smarter and adding other alternatives to our everyday regimes will help our planet! Refuse plastic grocery bags by bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store or refuse to buy items with excessive packaging.


Reducing your eco-footprint is not difficult, there are healthy and smart alternatives we can make. Did you pack a zero-waste lunch today or bike to work? Take your own fork and stop using straws. Support the restaurant that uses biodegradable take-out. Reducing the amount of waste we use and making greener choices, reduces the overall amount we take our landfill!


Is that item you are going to recycle or throw out considered “junk”? Through the eyes of another, it may not be! Think before you throw!


The last step in our Waste Reduction hierarchy is recycling. If you couldn’t rethink it, refuse it, reduce it, reuse it…then recycle it! This may take some effort to find out where you can recycle, but you owe it to you and your environment to do the right thing.

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